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Finding the right professional talent for an organization is vitally important. It starts with choosing the right executive search firm. Here are some guiding principles that support our executive search work.

Hiring effective leadership is one of the most important decisions an organization makes. We recognize the obligation that we have to help an organization build its leadership team.

Values matter. Candidates must be rigorously screened and interviewed to ensure congruency with the hiring organization’s values.

Successful candidate identification requires a thorough understanding of the client’s organization and access to an extensive nationwide candidate pool. We invest significant time interviewing the client and reviewing organizational documents to understand how best to present the opportunity to our network of candidates across the country.

The best candidates are often successfully serving in another leadership role and will change their position only if it advances their career goals. While we have ongoing relationships with candidates, for every search engagement we also make new candidate contacts to ensure that we have a rich pool of gainfully employed individuals.

A well-structured interview process with user friendly assessment tools allows the hiring entity to focus on organizational needs and candidate qualifications, not interview logistics.

After new leadership is retained, there is work to be done to ensure that the new employee and client have the tools to begin a productive relationship. If desired by the client, we offer telephone consulting support to both parties during the new employee’s first year of service.

We invite you to Contact Us to discuss how we may support your search for leadership talent.

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